Amendments on March 2, 2023

signup: Handle malloc and user_save failure

jcs made amendment 346 3 months ago

settings: Handle malloc failure, fix printf format

jcs made amendment 345 3 months ago

session: Handle malloc failure, use grow_to_fit

jcs made amendment 344 3 months ago

main_menu: Handle malloc failure, use grow_to_fit

jcs made amendment 343 3 months ago

mail: Handle malloc failure, use grow_to_fit

jcs made amendment 342 3 months ago

logger: Handle malloc failure

jcs made amendment 341 3 months ago

folder: Handle malloc/bile failure

jcs made amendment 340 3 months ago

focusable: Allow add_focusable to fail

jcs made amendment 339 3 months ago

console: Handle malloc failure

jcs made amendment 337 3 months ago

board: Handle malloc/bile failures

jcs made amendment 336 3 months ago

binkp: Use grow_to_fit, handle failure

jcs made amendment 335 3 months ago

ansi: Cope with malloc failure

jcs made amendment 334 3 months ago

util: Turn EXPAND_TO_FIT into grow_to_fit function

This will return false if the xrealloc failed, leaving the original
pointer untouched. With the macro, the pointer would get overwritten
with NULL and not be able to be freed.
jcs made amendment 332 3 months ago

Amendments on March 1, 2023

util: Make x* allocation functions no longer fatal on failure

Display a warning, but return NULL
Also remove MALLOC_DEBUG, it is not as helpful as I wanted and just
bloats things having to store all these note strings
jcs made amendment 331 3 months ago

binkp+board: On second thought, store FidoNet messages differently

These are different enough from our own posts/threads that it makes
more sense to store them in separate formats and just adapt board
viewer to show both.
Add a config setting to set whether binkp will delete files after
processing or move them to a binkp-processed directory. This allows
keeping files for re-importing later, but then being able to turn
the setting on to delete files after processing to avoid filling up
the disk.
Also use non-fatal malloc/calloc in binkp processor since it's not
critical and can just retry later when we have memory.
jcs made amendment 330 3 months ago

settings: Allow larger struct_field names

jcs made amendment 329 3 months ago

fidopkt: Enlarge msgid_orig, use non-fatal malloc/calloc

jcs made amendment 328 3 months ago

bile: Add bile_ids_by_type, make bile_sorted_ids_by_type use it

Sometimes there's no point in sorting the results
jcs made amendment 327 3 months ago