Amendments on June 22, 2022

util: Add macros for combining char bytes to long/short

This should be easy but doing so from signed chars causes problems,
so casting to unsigned char is needed, but then each needs to be cast
to a long before shifting.
jcs made amendment 161 about 1 year ago

settings: struct_editor: Add CONFIG_TYPE_IP

jcs made amendment 162 about 1 year ago

mail: Use session_output to print message body, not printf

jcs made amendment 163 about 1 year ago

chat: Minor spacing nit

jcs made amendment 165 about 1 year ago

telnet: Add trusted proxy IP setting for web gateway, unblock IPs

When a telnet connection comes from the configured proxy IP, allow the
REMOTE_ADDR environment variable passed to be used as the connection's
IP. Also don't auto-ban connections from the proxy.
Request TSPEED and store it as the session's terminal speed, just for
showing up in 'who' output.
Automatically unban IPs after 30 minutes by tracking the ban time.
jcs made amendment 166 about 1 year ago

Amendments on June 23, 2022

telnet: Fix format string in previous

jcs made amendment 167 about 1 year ago

telnet: Remove double log message

jcs made amendment 168 about 1 year ago

chat: Log when users join and leave, implement /who

Also implement a placeholder for /msg since it needs to be done
jcs made amendment 170 about 1 year ago

console: Ensure port is set before redrawing

jcs made amendment 171 about 1 year ago

telnet: Pre-allocate nodes, bump max to 10

This way we aren't constantly trying to find space for these big
chunks of memory for every new connection.
jcs made amendment 173 about 1 year ago

Amendments on June 24, 2022

logger: Keep title updated with some call information

jcs made amendment 174 about 1 year ago

Amendments on June 28, 2022

ansi: Remove unused sprintf parameter

jcs made amendment 175 about 1 year ago

board: Fix comparison in deletion check

jcs made amendment 176 about 1 year ago

Amendments on June 30, 2022

sha1: Import from OpenBSD

jcs made amendment 177 about 1 year ago

folder: Start on file storage

Has no actual transmission mechanism (XMODEM/ZMODEM) but it's a start.
jcs made amendment 178 about 1 year ago

*: Hook up folders

jcs made amendment 179 about 1 year ago

Amendments on July 4, 2022

board: Don't ask for subject on re-edit of a reply

jcs made amendment 180 about 1 year ago