Amendments on June 12, 2022

session: Cleanup after banned username login

jcs made amendment 138 7 months ago

session: Close on banned username login attempt, track logged-in status

Ignore sessions that haven't logged in yet, and don't show guest
username in 'who' and logs.
Also show whether a user is a sysop in 'who'.
jcs made amendment 137 7 months ago

session: Turn sessions array into a static array of pointers

This doesn't need to keep moving around and resizing, walking it is
jcs made amendment 136 7 months ago

Amendments on June 11, 2022

logger: Fix position of scrollbar

jcs made amendment 135 7 months ago

bile: Bug fixes, store highest ids when deleting

The previous fix was bogus, back it out.
The "o = &bile->map[n - 1]" line seems to have been erroneously copied
and pasted (many times) from another loop where I was going
backwards :(
Implement storage of highest ids seen when deleting, so that
bile_next_id hands out 1 higher than that id. This way we won't
re-use ids of deleted things like users, posts, etc.
jcs made amendment 134 7 months ago

Amendments on June 9, 2022

sysop: Add support for deleting users

jcs made amendment 133 7 months ago

session: Fix newline handling in session_field_input

We may only get \r, but we need to send \r\n and add it to the buffer
as well.
jcs made amendment 132 7 months ago

main: Sync menu options

jcs made amendment 131 7 months ago

board: Support deleting posts

Depending on whether the post has replies, either delete the post or
just edit it to say it's been deleted
jcs made amendment 130 7 months ago

db: Fix db_cache_boards when we have to recreate a file

jcs made amendment 129 7 months ago

bile: Turn async back on for bile_flush

jcs made amendment 128 7 months ago

bile: Revert in-place saves, keep 8k alignment, fix bug in bile_alloc

In bile_alloc, the initial last_pos is set to the header length, but
if there is only one object, we never add its length to last_pos.
This only happens when we have objects and then delete all of them,
leaving only the map object. Normally we'd either have 0 or 1+map.
Add canary to bile struct, verify it exists in every function so we
can check that we have a valid bile file and not a bogus pointer.
jcs made amendment 127 7 months ago

Amendments on June 7, 2022

db: Fix IDs for views

jcs made amendment 126 7 months ago

rez: Remove Users menu option, it's in the BBS now

jcs made amendment 125 7 months ago

session: Implement persistent days-per-call tallying

Stub out file area response in main menu for now
jcs made amendment 124 7 months ago

sysop: Add user management

Also wire up new/signup login to direct there upon login, adding a
setting to the global config to allow it.
jcs made amendment 123 7 months ago

util: vwarn can't re-use its alert DITL handle, make a new one

But still pre-allocate one at startup
jcs made amendment 122 7 months ago

Amendments on June 6, 2022

session: Touch user last_seen_at upon login

jcs made amendment 121 7 months ago

bile: Sync with upstream, support in-place updates

jcs made amendment 120 7 months ago

Amendments on June 3, 2022

user_settings: Support changing usernames

jcs made amendment 119 7 months ago