Amendments on November 30, 2022

README: Add 1.1 notes

jcs made amendment 298 3 days ago

db: Properly close board and folder biles at shutdown

This was causing subsequent runs under non-MultiFinder to fail to
open files with opWrErr.
Also when we fail to open a bile and recovery fails, fall through to
letting the user recreate the file as we do if the user opts not to
recover the file.
jcs made amendment 297 3 days ago

bile: Fix bile_flush prototype

jcs made amendment 296 3 days ago

Amendments on November 29, 2022

rez: Version 1.1

jcs made amendment 294 3 days ago

chat: Fix session iteration

nsessions is the current number of logged-in sessions, but sessions
is a fixed array so we must go to MAX_SESSIONS to visit each slot.
jcs made amendment 293 3 days ago

bile: Fix file closing in bile_open error path

The bile object may not have been created yet, so don't dereference
it, and its refnum may not be set either so FSClose(fh) instead.
jcs made amendment 292 3 days ago

Amendments on November 19, 2022

rez: Tweak icon, remove testing STR_LAST_DB

jcs made amendment 291 13 days ago

chat: Implement private messaging

Assign each guest their own unique chat username so it's not so
confusing if multiple guests are chatting.
jcs made amendment 290 13 days ago

Amendments on November 18, 2022

rez: Add icon

jcs made amendment 289 15 days ago

logger: Add support for resizing window

This was the hard way of fixing the problem of clicking the scrollbar
down arrow and it not generating a mouse down event because it was
where the grow control is expected to be.
jcs made amendment 288 15 days ago

settings: Fix alignment of scrollbars in editor window

jcs made amendment 287 15 days ago


jcs made amendment 286 15 days ago


jcs made amendment 285 15 days ago


jcs made amendment 284 15 days ago

Amendments on November 13, 2022

db: Set default telnet port to 0, default modem speed to 9600

With telnet port set to 0, we don't require MacTCP at first start.
The Mac Plus serial port drops a bit of traffic at 19200 during load.
jcs made amendment 283 20 days ago

Amendments on November 11, 2022

*: Add dynamically configured main menu

The list of action->key pairs can be edited from the console menu,
and doubles as a list of each key->label that we can print for the
default main menu shown to the user when no custom menu is defined.
jcs made amendment 281 21 days ago

rez: Add default menu definition text

jcs made amendment 280 21 days ago

user: constify banned usernames

jcs made amendment 279 21 days ago