Amendments on March 27, 2023

folder: Don't return after editing, fix message

jcs made amendment 452 8 months ago

folder: Implement file editing (only description/notes)

Move data gathering loop out of upload and into edit, and allow
sysops to re-checksum existing files now that the checksumming is
jcs made amendment 451 8 months ago

folder: Fix fread args to calculate checksums properly

fread returns the number of nmemb objects read, which was 1 (of size
1024), so we were only passing a size of 1 to SHA1Update. Read 1024
objects of size 1, to get a return value of 1024 to pass to SHA1.
Verify that the total we passed to SHA1Update is the full size of the
file, which we should have been doing anyuway.
jcs made amendment 450 8 months ago

Amendments on March 26, 2023

GUIDE: Add FTN info

jcs made amendment 449 8 months ago

util: No longer warn() when xmalloc fails, callers handle it now

Also panic when xfree() is called on a pointer to NULL, it's never ok.
jcs made amendment 448 8 months ago

board: Word-wrap post bodies

jcs made amendment 447 8 months ago

Amendments on March 25, 2023

binkp: Increase backoff time when connection fails

jcs made amendment 446 8 months ago

main: Move caching to after logger init

jcs made amendment 445 8 months ago

*: Add more prompt help strings

jcs made amendment 444 8 months ago

board: Allow < and > to iterate through posts, even through pages

Add prompt help for each screen
jcs made amendment 443 8 months ago

session: Add one-line help option to session_menu

Disable it for now, I'm still not sure when I want it printed
jcs made amendment 442 8 months ago

Amendments on March 23, 2023

board: Touch last post at when tossing FTN messages too

jcs made amendment 440 8 months ago

Amendments on March 17, 2023

settings: Use %ld for printing max

jcs made amendment 438 8 months ago

board: Show latest post date in FTN area list

jcs made amendment 436 8 months ago

db: When caching boards, reindex if needed and store latest post date

Move these cache operations to main after logger has inited since
these can take a while.
jcs made amendment 435 8 months ago

Amendments on March 16, 2023