Amendments on September 23, 2022

telnet: Limit NAWS update logging

A user frequently making adjustments to their terminal window can
flood us with NAWS commands, we don't need to log every one of them.
jcs made amendment 257 6 months ago

Amendments on September 21, 2022

session: Stop persisting tally, prune old session logs

Prune after 21 days of logs by default, every morning. The db was
getting quite large and each new login or recent call check was
taking a long time.
We're stable now so we don't have to persist the call log tally to
disk, just keep it in memory.
jcs made amendment 255 6 months ago

Amendments on September 16, 2022

board: Store each user's 'via' in each post

I saw this on another BBS and thought it was kind of neat to see
how each person connected when they made a post.
jcs made amendment 253 6 months ago

util: panic on xfree(NULL) and xfree(&NULL)

jcs made amendment 252 6 months ago

Amendments on September 15, 2022

session: Add 'b' as a shortcut to first board, 'n' to mail->new

These letter->function assignments really need to be made dynamic
so main menu changes don't require source code changes.
jcs made amendment 251 6 months ago

Amendments on September 14, 2022

*: Add Message of the Day support

Track the highest MOTD id each user has seen and only show it on
login if the current one is higher than the user's highest seen.
Also, in migrations, we can't iterate through users while modifying
each one, because the order will change as we save and write a new
user in the map.
jcs made amendment 250 6 months ago

Amendments on September 13, 2022

util: Fix ask DITL that mistakenly got replaced

jcs made amendment 249 6 months ago

Amendments on September 12, 2022

main: Use about(), allow Desk Accessories to work

jcs made amendment 248 6 months ago

Amendments on September 8, 2022

logger: Fix newline stripping

jcs made amendment 247 6 months ago

util: Sync with upstream

jcs made amendment 246 6 months ago

Amendments on August 14, 2022

logger: Add buffered logging, support logging without updating window

During telnet negotiation, many lines are logged in quick succession
which means we spend a lot of time updating the log TextEdit. Just
buffer these logs and spit them out all at once upon login or
disconnection, so the user's login prompt is immediately responsive.
Rename session_log to session_logf while I'm in here, to reflect that
it's a format-string function.
jcs made amendment 245 7 months ago

Amendments on August 13, 2022

chat: Previous change to drawing reverse bar isn't widely compatible

Go back to padding it with spaces.
jcs made amendment 244 7 months ago

session: Don't set default terminal type, if node doesn't, prompt user

This way modem users and telnet users with weird clients that don't
negotiate TTYPE will get prompted for vt100 compatibility.
jcs made amendment 243 7 months ago

Amendments on August 11, 2022

main: Log memory zone, stack, and heap sizes at startup

jcs made amendment 241 7 months ago

telnet: Increase IAC SB buffer, log when it overflows

macOS telnet clients have a very long DISPLAY variable that was
reaching our limit of iac_sb, which then spilled into the login field
since we stop treating further data as IAC SB data.
jcs made amendment 240 7 months ago

uthread: Crank stack sizes for each thread

Something having to do with QuickDraw operations puts a ton of stuff
on the stack momentarily, which was writing into our stack gaps with
3K stacks. I haven't been able to figure out what actually causes
it, but when the logger window is disabled, it never happens.
Move defines into uthread.c file so they can be tweaked without having
to recompile everything.
jcs made amendment 239 7 months ago

logger: Include free heap size in titlebar

jcs made amendment 238 7 months ago