Amendments on April 28, 2022

mail: Make menu work like others where just a letter does something

For menu options that require a message id, use a field input for that
jcs made amendment 98 7 months ago

user_settings: Add user settings menu

Currently allows changing passwords and renegotiating the terminal
jcs made amendment 97 7 months ago

Amendments on April 26, 2022

session: Add session_log to log with a common prefix

jcs made amendment 96 7 months ago

Amendments on April 21, 2022

signup: Add interactive user account creation

jcs made amendment 95 7 months ago

Amendments on April 19, 2022

Amendments on April 14, 2022

focusable: Move code to separate file, fix a bunch of bugs here

Fix drawing on the wrong window, drawing in the wrong font, crash at
exit, etc.
jcs made amendment 92 7 months ago

Amendments on March 31, 2022

logger: Minor logging tweaks

jcs made amendment 91 8 months ago

Amendments on March 29, 2022

Amendments on March 17, 2022

serial: Start on serial modem support

jcs made amendment 88 8 months ago

telnet: Cleanup unused variables

jcs made amendment 87 8 months ago

util: get_version: Look for vers 1 like Finder

jcs made amendment 86 8 months ago

Amendments on March 3, 2022

session: Print recent logins sorted by id descending

jcs made amendment 85 9 months ago

bile: Add bile_sorted_ids_by_type

jcs made amendment 84 9 months ago

Amendments on March 1, 2022

session: Persist session logs to a separate bile db, add recent command

This file will get a lot of activity, so put it in a separate file for
easy rotation and to avoid corruption of the important user database
jcs made amendment 83 9 months ago

bile: Correct error message

Would be nice if THINK C supported __func__...
jcs made amendment 82 9 months ago

Amendments on February 21, 2022

session: Handle arrow keys in session_field_input

Handle backspace and character insertion when cursor is not at the end
of a field.
Have session_input_char return a short so we can return custom codes
> 255 for keys or other events.
jcs made amendment 81 9 months ago

console: Pass arrow keys through as VT100 arrow key sequences

Or at least the keycodes generated on the M0110A
jcs made amendment 80 9 months ago


jcs made amendment 79 9 months ago