Amendments on December 23, 2021

chat: Start on multi-user chat

jcs made amendment 38 11 months ago

console: More ANSI support like line insert and delete

jcs made amendment 37 11 months ago

ansi: Add VT52 support

jcs made amendment 36 11 months ago

util: Remove strlc{at,py}, moved to new C library

jcs made amendment 35 11 months ago

Amendments on December 15, 2021

session: Switch to session_{printf,output,output_string}

Also finish session_bar to concatenate both sides of the bar
jcs made amendment 34 11 months ago

session: Use new ansi() interface, add session_bar helper

jcs made amendment 33 11 months ago

ansi: New variadic interface to generating ANSI strings

Callers can pass an unlimited number of ANSI attributes, terminating
the list with NULL.
Also add ansi_strip() which returns the length of the string with
ANSI escape codes removed, optionally storing the stripped string in
a newly allocated variable.
jcs made amendment 31 11 months ago

util: Add strlcat

jcs made amendment 30 11 months ago

Amendments on December 13, 2021

console: Implement scrolling, speed up redrawing

No need to pass hints anymore, just do less math in the loop scanning
for dirty cells
jcs made amendment 29 11 months ago

session: Add a "who's online" command

jcs made amendment 28 11 months ago

Amendments on December 12, 2021

ansi: Move ANSI output stuff to dedicated files

Start tallying sessions to be stored in the future
jcs made amendment 27 11 months ago

uthread: Fix stack issue in uthread_begin

The uthread variable on the stack will get overwritten as soon as
uthread_yield is called, so use uthread_current after the uthread
function returns
Also prevent uthread_yield from being erroneously called from main
jcs made amendment 26 11 months ago

util: Simplify ordinal, just return suffix

It's probably always going to be printed with sprintf anyway, just let
the caller handle concatenating the two
jcs made amendment 25 11 months ago

Amendments on December 10, 2021

util: Add ordinal

jcs made amendment 23 11 months ago

console: Fix attribute storing, do output from thread

This doesn't seem to break things and makes it more responsive
jcs made amendment 22 11 months ago

Amendments on December 9, 2021

all: err(1, ...) -> panic()

jcs made amendment 21 11 months ago

tcp: Fix stupid commandTimeoutValue setting in TCPPassiveOpen

This was causing listens to fail after 30 seconds :/
Also add UDPMaxMTUSize
jcs made amendment 20 11 months ago

telnet: Add IAC processing, redo how socket slots are handled

Only setup one listener at a time and as soon as it gets a connection,
start up another one (up to the limit of slots)
jcs made amendment 19 11 months ago