Amendments on February 23, 2023

db: Add binkp fields

jcs made amendment 312 9 months ago

zip: Add PKZIP parser, using puff for inflating

This only supports a small subset of the giant PKZIP format spec, but
it's enough to read archives that use a compression type of 8
(inflate). It requires two callbacks, one for deciding whether to
process each file as it is encountered, and one for processing the
in-memory buffer of decompressed data.
jcs made amendment 311 9 months ago

puff: Add small inflate module from zlib

jcs made amendment 310 9 months ago

Amendments on February 22, 2023

session_menu: Handle multi-digit input universally here again

Move the board change into this and update all other menus that input
numbers to use it by supplying a prompt addition and short variable
to write to.
Update sysop, mail, and file menus to list 20 things at a time.
jcs made amendment 308 9 months ago

ansi: Still run through args for non-vt100/52, do backspace with \b

\b is ASCII 8, \10 in octal
jcs made amendment 307 9 months ago

logger: If we have to truncate a message, indicate that

jcs made amendment 304 9 months ago

Amendments on February 16, 2023

board: Go back to double-digit post numbers in list view

This lets us show 20 at a time (or less if the user's terminal is
short), and avoids the goofy starting-at-zero thing.
Also add 'n' and 'p' shortcuts from the post view menu to view the
next and previous posts in the list.
jcs made amendment 302 9 months ago

bile: Add flags arg to bile_delete, make zeroing and purging optional

When deleting a bunch of records in a row, we can avoid writing out
a new map every time.
jcs made amendment 301 9 months ago

Amendments on February 5, 2023

*: Minor fixes found by cppcheck and scan-build

Mostly unused variables
jcs made amendment 300 10 months ago

Amendments on November 30, 2022

README: Add 1.1 notes

jcs made amendment 298 about 1 year ago

db: Properly close board and folder biles at shutdown

This was causing subsequent runs under non-MultiFinder to fail to
open files with opWrErr.
Also when we fail to open a bile and recovery fails, fall through to
letting the user recreate the file as we do if the user opts not to
recover the file.
jcs made amendment 297 about 1 year ago

bile: Fix bile_flush prototype

jcs made amendment 296 about 1 year ago

GUIDE: Wrap line, add section on running Subtext at startup

jcs made amendment 295 about 1 year ago

Amendments on November 29, 2022

rez: Version 1.1

jcs made amendment 294 about 1 year ago