Amendments on July 15, 2022

board: Don't pre-alloc a bunch of ids in board_find_post_ids

If we return early or we return no ids, we shouldn't have a dangling
malloc(sizeof(long) * 16) that the caller might not know to free
since the count returned will be 0.
jcs made amendment 206 10 months ago

bile: Fix bogus free in bile_sorted_ids_by_type

ids was not being initialized to NULL, so when passed to EXPAND_TO_FIT,
realloc is doing a free of some junk pointer before malloc'ing a new
jcs made amendment 205 10 months ago

Amendments on July 14, 2022

telnet: When banning an IP, optionally send it via UDP to trusted proxy

If the new trusted_proxy_udp_port config option is set, send a UDP
packet containing the IP to the trusted_proxy_ip host so it can ban
it more aggressively.
jcs made amendment 204 10 months ago

tcp: Add UDP sending functionality

jcs made amendment 203 10 months ago

Amendments on July 13, 2022

serial: Add config setting for port speed

jcs made amendment 202 10 months ago

sysop: Write new config but don't apply it on the fly

There are things in the idle loop that check for config settings and
we can't assume they were there at startup
jcs made amendment 201 10 months ago

Amendments on July 12, 2022

board+folder+mail: Trim trailing whitespace from fields

jcs made amendment 199 10 months ago

crc: Add explicit casting to UpdateCRC like UpdateCRC32

jcs made amendment 198 10 months ago

uthread: Bump stack size to 5K

jcs made amendment 197 10 months ago

mail+sysop+user_settings: Make menu options const

jcs made amendment 196 10 months ago

board: Make menu options const, improve prompts

jcs made amendment 195 10 months ago

telnet: Use new is_telnet session flag

jcs made amendment 193 10 months ago

signup: user_valid_username returns bool

jcs made amendment 192 10 months ago

session: A few fixes and improvements

Make session_menu a bit more helpful and hide options with a null key
set, don't repeat "Invalid option" more than once
Add session_get_char for file transfers
jcs made amendment 191 10 months ago

Amendments on July 11, 2022

zmodem: Bug fixes, remove send/recv abstraction

This doesn't really need to be portable, just call session functions
Reduce state timeouts to 10 seconds, but leave at 30 for the initial
Init state when receiving to give the user time to choose a file to
send us.
Fix IAC escaping on the way out.
jcs made amendment 189 10 months ago

telnet: When doing file transfers, fast-path to TCP buffer

We're doing IAC escaping in the zmodem code, so just move data
directly into node buffer. Also, avoid memmoving on each read since
the buffer will often have more than one byte in it, just use an
offset into ibuf and only memmove when it's over half full.
jcs made amendment 188 10 months ago

util: Fix return of FIsDir when FStat fails

jcs made amendment 187 10 months ago