Amendments on February 16, 2023

bile: Add flags arg to bile_delete, make zeroing and purging optional

When deleting a bunch of records in a row, we can avoid writing out
a new map every time.
jcs made amendment 301 about 1 year ago

board: Go back to double-digit post numbers in list view

This lets us show 20 at a time (or less if the user's terminal is
short), and avoids the goofy starting-at-zero thing.
Also add 'n' and 'p' shortcuts from the post view menu to view the
next and previous posts in the list.
jcs made amendment 302 about 1 year ago

Amendments on February 22, 2023

logger: If we have to truncate a message, indicate that

jcs made amendment 304 about 1 year ago

session: Provide string length to sscanf in session_expand_var

jcs made amendment 305 about 1 year ago

ansi: Still run through args for non-vt100/52, do backspace with \b

\b is ASCII 8, \10 in octal
jcs made amendment 307 about 1 year ago

session_menu: Handle multi-digit input universally here again

Move the board change into this and update all other menus that input
numbers to use it by supplying a prompt addition and short variable
to write to.
Update sysop, mail, and file menus to list 20 things at a time.
jcs made amendment 308 about 1 year ago

Amendments on February 23, 2023

sysop: Add an option in the sysop menu to hang up the modem

jcs made amendment 309 about 1 year ago

puff: Add small inflate module from zlib

jcs made amendment 310 about 1 year ago

zip: Add PKZIP parser, using puff for inflating

This only supports a small subset of the giant PKZIP format spec, but
it's enough to read archives that use a compression type of 8
(inflate). It requires two callbacks, one for deciding whether to
process each file as it is encountered, and one for processing the
in-memory buffer of decompressed data.
jcs made amendment 311 about 1 year ago

db: Add binkp fields

jcs made amendment 312 about 1 year ago

user_settings: Forgot a session_menu caller in previous commit

jcs made amendment 313 about 1 year ago

fidopkt: Add FidoNet packet message parser

This only supports type 4d format messages, but that's all I've seen.
jcs made amendment 314 about 1 year ago

binkp: Add FidoNet binkp fetcher/parser

This connects to a binkp server, logs in, fetches outstanding files
and caches them to a "binkp" subdirectory, marks them "got", and then
scans each cached file to find ZIP files containing ".pkt" files,
which are then passed to fidopkt.
Next up will be to actually import those parsed packets into a bile
database for viewing like boards.
jcs made amendment 315 about 1 year ago

bile: Make bile_write_map public

jcs made amendment 316 about 1 year ago

mail: Move to separate bile database

This should reduce the likelihood of corrupting the main user
jcs made amendment 317 about 1 year ago

folder: Use member_size instead of additional defines

jcs made amendment 318 about 1 year ago

Amendments on February 24, 2023

session: In session_purge_logs, just write map when done

Rather than trying to be clever and supply FLAG_PURGE to the last
jcs made amendment 319 about 1 year ago

bile: Add bile_resize, don't zero in bile_read_alloc

We're going to fill up the buffer we just malloced with existing
data, no need to zero it before hand.
jcs made amendment 320 about 1 year ago