Amendments on December 9, 2021

all: err(1, ...) -> panic()

jcs made amendment 21 9 months ago

tcp: Fix stupid commandTimeoutValue setting in TCPPassiveOpen

This was causing listens to fail after 30 seconds :/
Also add UDPMaxMTUSize
jcs made amendment 20 9 months ago

telnet: Add IAC processing, redo how socket slots are handled

Only setup one listener at a time and as soon as it gets a connection,
start up another one (up to the limit of slots)
jcs made amendment 19 9 months ago

Amendments on December 7, 2021

session: Support view templates

Properly close sessions in telnet+console
jcs made amendment 17 9 months ago

util: add xmallocarray and strlcpy

jcs made amendment 16 9 months ago

Amendments on December 6, 2021

user+session: Implement user authentication

jcs made amendment 14 10 months ago

db: Store last-used db file as the resource, use it by default

This way we don't have to keep opening the file at startup.
Also pass around the file as a char * instead of an SFReply or
jcs made amendment 13 10 months ago

util: Add xSetHandleSize

jcs made amendment 9 10 months ago

Amendments on December 5, 2021

db+user: Initial work on creating a database, creating users

Of note, 'C###' templates are a C string in ### bytes in hex, not dec
jcs made amendment 8 10 months ago

sha2: Import SHA256 code from OpenBSD

Little-endian support was removed, along with SHA384/SHA512 support
jcs made amendment 7 10 months ago

Amendments on November 30, 2021

telnet: Buffer input into ibuf

jcs made amendment 6 10 months ago

console: Add a speed hack to pass in cell hints

Rather than having to scan the entire cell array, just update the
cells in the hints
jcs made amendment 5 10 months ago

telnet: Add support for telnet nodes

jcs made amendment 4 10 months ago

Amendments on November 28, 2021