Amendments on November 11, 2022

mail: constify fields

jcs made amendment 277 4 months ago

folder: constify fields

jcs made amendment 276 4 months ago

board: constify fields

jcs made amendment 275 4 months ago

Amendments on November 8, 2022

rez: Version 1.0!

jcs made amendment 274 4 months ago

Amendments on November 7, 2022

folder: Fix variable name in previous

jcs made amendment 273 4 months ago

serial: Fix maximum input length calculation when reading serial data

This looks like it was copied from somewhere else since 'n' was never
getting used to affect 'len', so len could be a very large number of
outstanding bytes from the serial port (such as during a ZModem
transfer) which would then cause FSRead to write too much data to
ibuf, trashing the session object and possibly other malloc'd data.
Take the smaller of the serial port outstanding count, and the number
of bytes left in ibuf, when reading from the serial port.
Also enable printing of serial port errors since it's useful to see
overruns when the port speed is too high.
jcs made amendment 272 4 months ago

folder: Check for session->ending during ZModem transfer

jcs made amendment 271 4 months ago

zmodem: Fix compilation with ZMODEM_DEBUG enabled

jcs made amendment 270 4 months ago

Amendments on November 6, 2022

folder: Only yield every other SHA1 chunk read

Our reads are relatively small, so this will speed up calculation
without affecting other users/threads too heavily.
Also move around some lines of code that made more sense while
debugging the ZModem issue.
jcs made amendment 269 4 months ago

zmodem: Make our own copy of upload path in ZCreateReceiver

We were not owning this string, so in ZDestroy we were free()ing a
pointer behind the caller's back.
jcs made amendment 268 4 months ago

Amendments on October 26, 2022

serial: Add failsafe to avoid sending more than sizeof(obuf)

Some bug is causing obuflen to be more than sizeof(obuf), maybe
somewhere in the ZModem code.
jcs made amendment 266 5 months ago

Amendments on October 5, 2022

serial: Switch to async writes, fully reset driver between calls

Doing a synchronous write with PBWrite can cause the entire system
to block if the remote modem has sent an XOFF. Switch to an async
write and then poll for its completion, or timeout and kill the IO
if it's beyond our timeout. We busy loop during polling, but if it's
beyond 30 ticks we uthread_yield.
Also, if the remote has sent an XOFF, when we reset the modem, it
won't accept our new commands even after an ATZ and a SerReset.
Between calls, fully reset the driver by closing it and doing
OpenDriver again.
jcs made amendment 265 5 months ago

Amendments on October 4, 2022

session: Unify "invalid option" help, mention pressing ?

jcs made amendment 264 5 months ago

logger: Don't enable goAway in window

jcs made amendment 263 5 months ago

Amendments on October 3, 2022

folder: Don't free file_ids if it never had any ids

jcs made amendment 262 5 months ago

Amendments on October 1, 2022

logger: There will only be one, stop passing object around

This also helps at shutdown to know when we can no longer log.
jcs made amendment 261 6 months ago

db: Oops, fix previous

jcs made amendment 260 6 months ago

Amendments on September 27, 2022