Amendments on May 1, 2023

Rez: Fix corruption of default menu TEXT

I think this is a ResEdit bug in 2.1.1, 2.1.3 seems to fix it
jcs made amendment 503 5 months ago

zmodem: Set ZP0 to something in ZRINIT

When left at zero, the sender may just send us way more data than we
can handle and it'll timeout. By sending a reasonble block size, the
sender will have to wait for us to ACK along the way.
Fixes NetRunner 2.0B21, also tested with SyncTERM.
jcs made amendment 502 5 months ago

Amendments on April 27, 2023

Rez: Fix icon (amendment 500!)

jcs made amendment 500 5 months ago

README: Fix 2.0 date

jcs made amendment 499 5 months ago

README: Add 2.0 items

jcs made amendment 498 5 months ago

GUIDE: Mention NoModem

jcs made amendment 497 5 months ago

folder: Tweak failure message

jcs made amendment 496 5 months ago

Amendments on April 26, 2023

folder: Add NoModem support

jcs made amendment 492 5 months ago

session: Increase obuf a tad

jcs made amendment 491 5 months ago

nomodem: Introduce NoModem, an alternative file transfer protocol

Instead of using ZModem over an already-reliable connection, NoModem
just sends plain binary data with no encoding or checksumming.
jcs made amendment 490 5 months ago

dnr: Don't require a pointer to a pointer for DNSResolveName

Also provide a default yielder if none provided
jcs made amendment 488 5 months ago

telnet: Crank obuf size, send DO BINARY and WILL BINARY

jcs made amendment 487 5 months ago

Amendments on April 19, 2023

dnr: Don't CloseResolver() after every DNS lookup

OpenResolver() already checks for an established handle
jcs made amendment 486 5 months ago

Amendments on April 18, 2023

binkp: Setup binkp_*_dir variables even if we're not polling

Posting to an FTN board needs to know where the outbox dir is, or
it'll write files in the wrong place.
jcs made amendment 485 5 months ago

fidopkt: Crank scratch buffer size in fidopkt_encode_message

Some fields we're copying from a reply might be bigger than 30
jcs made amendment 484 5 months ago