Amendments on August 11, 2022

main: Log memory zone, stack, and heap sizes at startup

jcs made amendment 241 about 16 hours ago

telnet: Increase IAC SB buffer, log when it overflows

macOS telnet clients have a very long DISPLAY variable that was
reaching our limit of iac_sb, which then spilled into the login field
since we stop treating further data as IAC SB data.
jcs made amendment 240 about 16 hours ago

uthread: Crank stack sizes for each thread

Something having to do with QuickDraw operations puts a ton of stuff
on the stack momentarily, which was writing into our stack gaps with
3K stacks. I haven't been able to figure out what actually causes
it, but when the logger window is disabled, it never happens.
Move defines into uthread.c file so they can be tweaked without having
to recompile everything.
jcs made amendment 239 about 16 hours ago

logger: Include free heap size in titlebar

jcs made amendment 238 about 16 hours ago

Amendments on August 3, 2022

serial: Rewrite to allocate session on RING, then manually answer

If we can't allocate a session, just don't answer.
jcs made amendment 237 8 days ago

uthread: Pre-allocate threads, put gaps between each stack

Add a verification function that verifies that each gap hasn't been
written to.
jcs made amendment 236 8 days ago

session: Fix some memory leaks

jcs made amendment 235 8 days ago

mail: Fix a memory leak, pass malloc notes to bile

jcs made amendment 234 8 days ago

user: Rename user_find_username to user_username

This function isn't looking up something from bile that needs to be
freed, it's just checking its cache.
jcs made amendment 231 8 days ago

sysop: Pass malloc notes to bile

jcs made amendment 230 8 days ago

db: Better malloc notes

jcs made amendment 229 8 days ago

bile: Better malloc notes

jcs made amendment 228 8 days ago

Amendments on July 31, 2022

*: Add malloc annotations

jcs made amendment 226 11 days ago

bile: Pass object size to bile_unmarshall_object to check for overflow

Also add malloc annotations
jcs made amendment 225 11 days ago

util: Add note parameter to xmalloc, xcalloc, and xrealloc

If THINK C supported __func__ this would be much easier, but for now
we have to manually annotate every allocation. This will help find
the source of memory leaks.
jcs made amendment 224 11 days ago

Amendments on July 29, 2022

settings: Fix bogus free

jcs made amendment 223 13 days ago

Amendments on July 24, 2022

tcp: Don't bother manually zeroing open options

This whole struct has already been zeroed with memset.
jcs made amendment 222 18 days ago