Amendments on August 28, 2023

settings+sysop: Fix bug in settings editor that can corrupt settings

When hanging up the connection in the settings struct editor without
giving a response, session_menu returns 0, which we then returned
from struct_editor while setting new_config to NULL. Then we wrote
that NULL dereference as the new db config which trashed it :(
When the sesson is ending, make struct_editor return -1 and add an
explicit check in sysop_edit_settings to make sure the new config
isn't NULL.
jcs made amendment 523 about 1 month ago

db: Include AT&D2 in default modem init, we need it for hangup

This makes the modem hangup when flashing DTR and is probably the
default on real modems but we may as well be explicit about needing
jcs made amendment 522 about 1 month ago

Amendments on August 3, 2023

session: When breaking on spaces in session_paginate, drop space

This way we're not printing spaces at the end of the line which can
cause some terminals to wrap at their width right before we print a
jcs made amendment 521 about 1 month ago

board+folder: When dynamically disabling menu options, do it by ret

Options were added to the menu in board_post_read but the array index
wasn't updated for disabling 'd', so this was disabling '>' instead.
To prevent this in the future, disable by the returned option rather
than hard-coding an index.
jcs made amendment 520 about 1 month ago

Amendments on August 2, 2023

session: Fix initialization of last_space ini session_paginate

If the first character of the message is \r or \n, the subsequent
wrapping was wrong because last_space was still 0. Init it to -1
to properly detect when it's never been set.
jcs made amendment 519 about 1 month ago

session: Fix off-by-one in session_paginate

When breaking on existing newlines, this was sending the \r of \r\n
to session_output, so we were writing "line\r\r\n" which on some
terminals produced an extra blank line in between each line output.
jcs made amendment 518 about 1 month ago

Amendments on June 16, 2023

settings: Allow "q" at "more" prompt to abort pagination

jcs made amendment 517 3 months ago

db: Remove a bunch of old migrations

jcs made amendment 516 3 months ago

Amendments on June 15, 2023

board: Make 's' show the post again

jcs made amendment 515 3 months ago

board: Hook up 'l' in post view to list posts

jcs made amendment 514 3 months ago

session: Show user locations in who and last

jcs made amendment 513 3 months ago

main: Hook up ipdb

jcs made amendment 512 3 months ago

ipdb: Add IP geolocation database lookup module

jcs made amendment 509 3 months ago

Amendments on May 4, 2023

session: Allow guest/signup/new logins to be mixed-case

Also use GUEST_USERNAME everywhere instead of a hard-coded "guest"
jcs made amendment 508 4 months ago

Amendments on May 2, 2023

Rez: Fix FILES_MENU, add commented-out BOARD_LIST_BOARDS

jcs made amendment 506 4 months ago

Amendments on May 1, 2023

board: Delete cached index if id_map fails allocation

jcs made amendment 505 5 months ago

README: 2.0.1

jcs made amendment 504 5 months ago