Amendments on February 19, 2024

Rez: 4.0

jcs made amendment 596 7 days ago

telnet: Static init nit

These are zeroed by default but just make it match the others
jcs made amendment 595 7 days ago

GUIDE+README: Final 4.0 changes

jcs made amendment 594 7 days ago

Amendments on February 16, 2024

util: Make xalloc tables dynamically allocated

Also reduce err_str size
jcs made amendment 593 10 days ago

board: free post_ids in board_index_sorted_post_ids

jcs made amendment 592 10 days ago

db: Free bile object in db_cache_boards

jcs made amendment 591 10 days ago

Amendments on February 15, 2024

board: free id_map at the end of board_delete_ftn_post

Add a missing free on error path in board_find_post_ids
jcs made amendment 589 11 days ago

util: Add dynamic malloc tracking

The previous malloc note stuff was removed since it required every
xmalloc call to include a string, which was laborious to use and
added a lot of code and memory space having to store all those
Now when MALLOC_DEBUG is defined, the stack is walked to find the
symbols of each function along the way to xmalloc and pointers to
elements of the symbol table are stored, minimizing the amount of
strings that need to be stored in memory, and providing a way to see
the full stack trace of each allocation with xalloc_print. We can
also check in xfree that the allocation was still in our list to
avoid a double free or a junk free.
jcs made amendment 587 11 days ago

Amendments on February 13, 2024

logger: Add RFC3164 (BSD) syslog support

Log everything at system.notice for now
jcs made amendment 585 13 days ago

Amendments on February 1, 2024

Amendments on January 24, 2024

db: Terminate view buffer where FSRead reports it finished

On the odd chance that the file size reports one size and FSRead
reports reading less than that, we would have left garbage in the
buffer before terminating it. Now that FStat no longer includes the
resource fork size, this shouldn't happen, but better be safe.
jcs made amendment 582 about 1 month ago

util: Don't include resource fork length in FStat st_size

This is usually used to figure out how big a file is to allocate a
buffer of that size and then FSRead it, but if we're including the
resource fork length, we'll do what appears to be a short read.
jcs made amendment 581 about 1 month ago

*: Minor cleanups, remove dead variables, fix some error paths

jcs made amendment 580 about 1 month ago

Amendments on January 23, 2024

serial: Use fallback rate of 9600 to match the default db rate

jcs made amendment 579 about 1 month ago

Amendments on January 10, 2024

user_settings: Accept capital X in terminal cols/lines response

jcs made amendment 578 about 1 month ago

README: Add 4.0 changes

jcs made amendment 577 about 1 month ago