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Fixes your forks.

eric   Release 1.0.1-a

Name Last Commit Last Modified
Fix-a-Fork.p.r Release 1.0.1-a 3 months ago
file_ext.c This format is easier to maintain and should be faster. 3 months ago
file_ext.h This format is easier to maintain and should be faster. 3 months ago
main.c Release 1.0.1-a 3 months ago
main.h Fix-a-Fork 1.0.0-a 3 months ago
readme.txt Release 1.0.1-a 3 months ago
scratch.c Add TouchFolder to update the modification time so folders show new icons right away. 3 months ago

# Fix-a-Fork

Fix-a-Fork is a utility that tries to determine the proper type and creator for a file.


Drag and drop a file onto the application. In System 6 double click and select a file.

Please report any issues on the Fix-a-Fork thread on

# Plans

## To Do

* Allow for folders to be DND
* Publish script that creates file_ext.c (have to find it again!)
* Better icon

## 2024-04-05

Release 1.0.1-a

Fixed an issue where folders would not show the custom icon right away. Thanks jjuran for the help.
Accepted a patch from JCS to to better handle file ext checks.
Added error handler if type/creator could not be set.

## 2024-04-02

Release 1.0.0-a

## 2024-03-30

Clean up code a bit, remove WIP. Get ready for release.

## ... between ...

Tried many things to accept folder Drag N Drop, didnt work. See scratch.c

## 2023-11-13

Rename conflicting ANSI function names.

## 2023-11-12

Release Beta 1

Figure out what DND apple events are happening for folders - maybe a fss but just a dirID - then have to figure out how to iterate over a dir....