Amendments on October 24, 2023

editor: Update scrollbar for log window at launch

jcs made amendment 252 6 months ago

Amendments on April 17, 2023

committer+editor: Update log scrollbar after cut or paste

jcs made amendment 114 about 1 year ago

Amendments on February 6, 2023

*: Lots of little fixes and dead variable removal

Found by cppcheck and scan-build
jcs made amendment 110 about 1 year ago

Amendments on November 10, 2022

browser: Tweak menu language, fix bug in amendment exporting

We were passing a NULL pointer to SFPutFile instead of an empty
Pascal string, which has bad results on System 7. Now we will
supply "amendment_##.diff" as the default filename.
Also rename exporting functions to export an amendment instead of
a patch. The patch utility applies a diff, not a patch. But we're
exporting the whole amendment anyway.
jcs made amendment 107 about 1 year ago

Amendments on September 6, 2022

browser: Limit initial window size to about 81 characters in committer view

This way we can show a +/- line with 80 characters of code
jcs made amendment 96 about 1 year ago

Amendments on August 18, 2022

Amendments on August 17, 2022

editor: Add amendment metadata editor

This allows changing an amendment's author, date/time, and log.
Also continue on changing commit to amendment.
jcs made amendment 88 about 1 year ago