Amendments on September 12, 2022

README: Add 3.6 changes

jcs made amendment 105 4 months ago

Rez: Release 3.6

jcs made amendment 104 4 months ago

committer: Add Command+W shortcut to cancel commit

This requires passing through all keystrokes through focusable and
filtering on the receiver.
jcs made amendment 103 4 months ago

util: SFGetFile and SFPutFile have different dialog dimensions

Why, Apple?
jcs made amendment 101 4 months ago

Amendments on September 6, 2022

util: Sync upstream, use new about box code

jcs made amendment 100 4 months ago

Rez: Flip FREFs so ICN# 128 is the APPL icon

This way the about box will show properly.
jcs made amendment 99 4 months ago

util: Sync with upstream

jcs made amendment 98 4 months ago

browser: Limit initial window size to about 81 characters in committer view

This way we can show a +/- line with 80 characters of code
jcs made amendment 96 4 months ago

util: In UpdateScrollbarForTE, update the control after adjusting

This requires passing in the window the control is on.
jcs made amendment 95 4 months ago

main: Add missing glue to make Desk Accessories work

jcs made amendment 94 4 months ago

Amendments on August 31, 2022

util: Move strlcat, strlcpy, strndup, and snprintf here

This lets us build with the standard THINK C ANSI library.
Also make malloc map dynamic to avoid a huge data segment.
jcs made amendment 93 5 months ago

Amendments on August 18, 2022

Amendments on August 17, 2022

Rez: Release 3.5

jcs made amendment 91 5 months ago

README: Add 3.5 changes

jcs made amendment 90 5 months ago

editor: Add amendment metadata editor

This allows changing an amendment's author, date/time, and log.
Also continue on changing commit to amendment.
jcs made amendment 88 5 months ago

repo: Factor out amendment marshalling

I wish I could use bile's marshalling for this, but the current
on-disk format of things is weird in Amend and would require a
database upgrade to convert to bile's way of storing variable-length
Start on renaming commit to amendment.
jcs made amendment 87 5 months ago