Amendments on October 19, 2021

Initial import of Amend through Amend!

jcs made amendment 1 over 2 years ago

repo: Only load first 32K into TE when viewing diffs

If this truncates, add a line saying so
jcs made amendment 2 over 2 years ago

committer: Only commit files that differed

Otherwise we're including all selected files in every commit which makes the commit filtering not work well.
jcs made amendment 3 over 2 years ago

committer: Oops, fix previous

jcs made amendment 4 over 2 years ago

commit_list: Show log line on top in bold, details below

jcs made amendment 5 over 2 years ago

commit_list: Only draw first line of log message

Fix drawing coordinates to go from the top to fix short cells at the bottom of the list
jcs made amendment 6 over 2 years ago

repo: Show diff header with full log message

Add a utility function to append text to a TE without redrawing it
jcs made amendment 7 over 2 years ago

browser: Fix diff viewing in a filtered commit list

jcs made amendment 8 over 2 years ago

browser: Fix diff viewing when already scrolled

The TE was not getting scrolled back up when changed, but doing this
is tricker than it should be to avoid excessive redraws
jcs made amendment 9 over 2 years ago

main: Implement plumbing to open a file from Finder at startup

If a .repo file was double-clicked in Finder, open it instead of
showing the Open dialog
jcs made amendment 10 over 2 years ago

Amendments on October 20, 2021

browser: Give a bit more space to the diff TE

jcs made amendment 12 over 2 years ago

Amendments on October 22, 2021

tetab: Add standalone tab handling module for TextEdit controls

This uses TE's TECustomHook functionality to hook into width
calculation, drawing, and hit testing to expand tabs into a
configurable number of spaces (defaulting to 4). This requires
using the new styled TextEdit control available in System 6+.
jcs made amendment 13 over 2 years ago

tetab: Fix off-by-one

jcs made amendment 14 over 2 years ago

browser+committer: Enable TETab on all TextEdits

Fix some logic errors in UpdateScrollbarForTE
jcs made amendment 15 over 2 years ago

Amendments on October 23, 2021

repo: Use BlockMove for overlapping data shift

This allows us to go back to using a single, expanded Handle when
shoving data into the TE.
Thanks to jjuran in #cyberpals for the tip
jcs made amendment 16 over 2 years ago

committer: Try to release log TE hText after commit, not close

If we close the window without a commit, that might do something bad
jcs made amendment 17 over 2 years ago

util: Remove TECanAddLine and TEAppendFast no longer used

jcs made amendment 18 over 2 years ago

Amendments on October 27, 2021

tetab: Simplify example usage

jcs made amendment 19 over 2 years ago

browser+repo: Add diff exporting

Refactor diff header generation into a function to also use here.
When disabling menus, only disable their items. This avoids having
to call DrawMenuBar() which flashes annoyingly.
jcs made amendment 20 over 2 years ago