Amendments on November 1, 2023

browser: Use a custom LDEF for file list to cross out deleted files

Also sort the list with deleted files at the bottom
jcs made amendment 253 about 1 month ago

Amendments on October 24, 2023

editor: Update scrollbar for log window at launch

jcs made amendment 252 about 1 month ago

Amendments on September 19, 2023

bile+repo: Faster sorts

jcs made amendment 251 2 months ago

Amendments on May 4, 2023

repo+browser: Amendments are in order in array now

We're no longer putting newest amendments first, and after making
an amendment, it will be last in the list
jcs made amendment 250 7 months ago

browser: Speed up repo loads by only loading newest 100 amendments

Usually I just open a repo and want to diff+commit, but loading 500
amendments takes forever. Just load the newest 100 to show some
history, and add a list item that, when clicked, will load the full
This is configurable by a new setting and can be 0 to disable.
Also, since we are sorting amendment IDs through bile, assume they're
already in order by date and avoid having to sort them all again
after processing.
jcs made amendment 249 7 months ago

Amendments on April 18, 2023

Rez: Release 3.7.1, remove unused TMPLs

jcs made amendment 121 7 months ago

README: Add 3.7.1 bugfix

jcs made amendment 120 7 months ago

bile: Always do synchronous PBFlushFile calls

On some systems doing this asynchronously was causing a lockup,
possibly due to their slower disk taking long enough that a second
flush (or the PBFlushVol right after it) would conflict. I'm still
not sure entirely what that was actually triggering, but this fixes
the issue.
Valtteri Koskivuori reported the lockup issue and helped me track it
down to this code, and confirmed that this fixes the issue.
jcs made amendment 119 7 months ago

repo: Set cursor to watch while we're loading a repo

jcs made amendment 118 7 months ago

Amendments on April 17, 2023

Rez: Release 3.7

jcs made amendment 116 7 months ago

README: Add 3.7 changes

jcs made amendment 115 7 months ago

committer+editor: Update log scrollbar after cut or paste

jcs made amendment 114 7 months ago

browser+main: Hopefully fix a bug that was crashing after committing

Under heavy memory pressure, List Manager seems to close our
custom resource and then re-open it, clearing the custom addr
we set during setup. Make sure it's still alive before doing
an update or we'll jump to NULL.
jcs made amendment 113 7 months ago

repo: Make repo_init a bit faster

Don't count the ids and then fetch every nth one, just fetch the ids
with bile_sorted_ids_by_type.
Avoid some zeroing of things we're just going to overwrite
Also make temporary filenames unique, in case a previous run died
during diff for some reason.
jcs made amendment 112 7 months ago

bile: Don't bother zeroing in bile_read_alloc

jcs made amendment 111 7 months ago

Amendments on February 6, 2023

*: Lots of little fixes and dead variable removal

Found by cppcheck and scan-build
jcs made amendment 110 10 months ago

Amendments on November 10, 2022

Rez: Add an mstr resource to tell MultiFinder what our Open menu is

This allows MultiFinder to pass a double-clicked .repo file to an
already running Amend process and open it.
From Steve Crutchfield
jcs made amendment 109 about 1 year ago

repo: Provide some detailed progress while opening repos

This can take a while, so entertain the user while we work.
jcs made amendment 108 about 1 year ago

browser: Tweak menu language, fix bug in amendment exporting

We were passing a NULL pointer to SFPutFile instead of an empty
Pascal string, which has bad results on System 7. Now we will
supply "amendment_##.diff" as the default filename.
Also rename exporting functions to export an amendment instead of
a patch. The patch utility applies a diff, not a patch. But we're
exporting the whole amendment anyway.
jcs made amendment 107 about 1 year ago