Amendments on September 6, 2022

chatter: Pass window to UpdateScrollbarForTE

jcs made amendment 38 9 months ago

irc: Update titlebar after we change to nick_

jcs made amendment 37 9 months ago

main: Center connection dialog on the screen

jcs made amendment 36 9 months ago

main: Add missing glue to make Desk Accessories work

jcs made amendment 35 9 months ago

irc: On 433 nick in use, try registering with nick_

jcs made amendment 34 9 months ago

*: Use xfree, malloc notes

jcs made amendment 33 9 months ago

strnatcmp: Add local copy

jcs made amendment 32 9 months ago

Amendments on February 10, 2022

tcp: Sync with libjcs

jcs made amendment 30 about 1 year ago

rez: Use a vers of 1, this is what Finder uses

jcs made amendment 29 about 1 year ago

focusable: Let each dictate the minimum sleep time for WaitNextEvent

When a window is hiding in the background, we can sleep up to a whole
jcs made amendment 28 about 1 year ago

irc: Print dying gasps in irc_recv, catch nick list trailing space

An Unreal3.2.10.2 server returned a trailing space at the end of
nick lists when joining a channel, causing an infinite loop in
jcs made amendment 27 about 1 year ago

irc: Support some more numerics seen in WHOIS output

jcs made amendment 26 about 1 year ago

irc: Copy msg to arg[0] if it's blank

Some servers like InspIRCd-3 send a JOIN like "JOIN :#channel" instead
of "JOIN #channel" (which seems to go against RFC2812, but whatever).
jcs made amendment 25 about 1 year ago

chatter+irc: Rewrite nick list handling

Use a linked list to sort the array of nicks to avoid having to
shuffle around struct members on every re-sort. This also lets us
process JOINs and PARTs/QUITs on an individual nick level to just
do one corresponding list add or remove and avoid re-sorting or
reloading the entire list.
This makes it possible to join channels with many hundreds of people
in them and keep running smoothly. The initial load still takes a
while, but it works.
jcs made amendment 24 about 1 year ago

notify: Don't cancel a notification we haven't posted

jcs made amendment 23 about 1 year ago

Amendments on February 8, 2022

main: Fix a logic bug in show_focusable when nfocusables=1

This may be the cause of sending a bogus focusable object after
jcs made amendment 22 about 1 year ago

irc: Yet another protocol rewrite, add /whois command and parsing

Instead of trying to map protocol message parts to specific things
like dest/channel/msg, just map them all to arg[0]-arg[5] and let
each command-specific printer use the args it cares about.
jcs made amendment 21 about 1 year ago

rez: 1.1

jcs made amendment 20 about 1 year ago

chatter: Check for TE overflow, shift out old lines

We can overflow in a few different ways, so check for all of them.
If we're about to overflow, shift out a handful of old lines before
adding new ones, but do it with a blank clipping rect so we don't get
a flashing update.
jcs made amendment 19 about 1 year ago