Amendments on August 11, 2022

uthread: Crank stack sizes for each thread

Something having to do with QuickDraw operations puts a ton of stuff
on the stack momentarily, which was writing into our stack gaps with
3K stacks. I haven't been able to figure out what actually causes
it, but when the logger window is disabled, it never happens.
Move defines into uthread.c file so they can be tweaked without having
to recompile everything.
jcs made amendment 239 about 1 month ago

Amendments on August 3, 2022

uthread: Pre-allocate threads, put gaps between each stack

Add a verification function that verifies that each gap hasn't been
written to.
jcs made amendment 236 2 months ago

Amendments on July 16, 2022

*: Properly handle running out of sessions

Limit sessions to the number of uthreads we can handle, and then
reserve 1 session for the console.
In telnet, allocate one extra node so we can print a message to the
client that we have no free nodes, and then disconnect. Add a view
for this to make it editable.
In console, handle getting a null session back from session_create.
jcs made amendment 211 2 months ago

Amendments on July 12, 2022

uthread: Bump stack size to 5K

jcs made amendment 197 2 months ago

Amendments on January 2, 2022

uthread: Use panic()

jcs made amendment 40 9 months ago

Amendments on December 12, 2021

uthread: Fix stack issue in uthread_begin

The uthread variable on the stack will get overwritten as soon as
uthread_yield is called, so use uthread_current after the uthread
function returns
Also prevent uthread_yield from being erroneously called from main
jcs made amendment 26 9 months ago

Amendments on December 7, 2021

Amendments on December 6, 2021

Amendments on November 30, 2021