Amendments on August 28, 2023

settings+sysop: Fix bug in settings editor that can corrupt settings

When hanging up the connection in the settings struct editor without
giving a response, session_menu returns 0, which we then returned
from struct_editor while setting new_config to NULL. Then we wrote
that NULL dereference as the new db config which trashed it :(
When the sesson is ending, make struct_editor return -1 and add an
explicit check in sysop_edit_settings to make sure the new config
isn't NULL.
jcs made amendment 523 about 1 month ago

Amendments on April 7, 2023

Amendments on April 6, 2023

sysop: bile_flush after touching anything in the config

Also don't touch db->folders or db->boards when saving, we're going
to re-cache everything in them anyway.
jcs made amendment 461 5 months ago

sysop: Re-cache boards and folders after editing one

jcs made amendment 460 5 months ago

Amendments on March 30, 2023

Amendments on March 25, 2023

*: Add more prompt help strings

jcs made amendment 444 6 months ago

Amendments on March 15, 2023

sysop: Fix board saving

jcs made amendment 423 6 months ago

Amendments on March 14, 2023

sysop: Use FTN terminology

jcs made amendment 413 6 months ago

Amendments on March 13, 2023

sysop: After serial_hangup, do a serial_init

jcs made amendment 400 6 months ago

Amendments on March 10, 2023

sysop: Use new struct_editor for boards and folders

This allows moving the deletion of them into the edit menu
jcs made amendment 391 6 months ago

Amendments on March 8, 2023

sysop: Remove shadowed variable

jcs made amendment 380 6 months ago

Amendments on March 2, 2023

Amendments on February 27, 2023

Amendments on February 25, 2023

sysop: Add function to delete a message board

This does not delete the .brd file, just removes its record.
jcs made amendment 322 7 months ago

Amendments on February 23, 2023

Amendments on February 22, 2023

session_menu: Handle multi-digit input universally here again

Move the board change into this and update all other menus that input
numbers to use it by supplying a prompt addition and short variable
to write to.
Update sysop, mail, and file menus to list 20 things at a time.
jcs made amendment 308 7 months ago

Amendments on February 16, 2023

bile: Add flags arg to bile_delete, make zeroing and purging optional

When deleting a bunch of records in a row, we can avoid writing out
a new map every time.
jcs made amendment 301 7 months ago

Amendments on February 5, 2023

*: Minor fixes found by cppcheck and scan-build

Mostly unused variables
jcs made amendment 300 7 months ago

Amendments on November 30, 2022

db: Properly close board and folder biles at shutdown

This was causing subsequent runs under non-MultiFinder to fail to
open files with opWrErr.
Also when we fail to open a bile and recovery fails, fall through to
letting the user recreate the file as we do if the user opts not to
recover the file.
jcs made amendment 297 10 months ago

Amendments on September 14, 2022

*: Add Message of the Day support

Track the highest MOTD id each user has seen and only show it on
login if the current one is higher than the user's highest seen.
Also, in migrations, we can't iterate through users while modifying
each one, because the order will change as we save and write a new
user in the map.
jcs made amendment 250 about 1 year ago