Amendments on April 6, 2023

board+main_menu: Add ACTION_BOARD_LIST_BOARDS, fix bug in indexing

Since there may be more than 10 boards now with FTN support, add a
function to list local boards.
Fix bug in board_index_sorted_post_ids that was writing a bogus map
when there were no threads.
jcs made amendment 464 5 months ago

Amendments on March 15, 2023

Amendments on March 14, 2023

board: Use FTN terminology

jcs made amendment 408 6 months ago

Amendments on March 13, 2023

Amendments on March 10, 2023

board: Add FidoNet replying/posting

jcs made amendment 390 6 months ago

Amendments on March 7, 2023

board: Add FidoNet board list menu

jcs made amendment 365 6 months ago

Amendments on March 5, 2023

board: Move echomail message importing here

jcs made amendment 359 6 months ago

Amendments on March 1, 2023

binkp+board: On second thought, store FidoNet messages differently

These are different enough from our own posts/threads that it makes
more sense to store them in separate formats and just adapt board
viewer to show both.
Add a config setting to set whether binkp will delete files after
processing or move them to a binkp-processed directory. This allows
keeping files for re-importing later, but then being able to turn
the setting on to delete files after processing to avoid filling up
the disk.
Also use non-fatal malloc/calloc in binkp processor since it's not
critical and can just retry later when we have memory.
jcs made amendment 330 7 months ago

Amendments on February 25, 2023

binkp: Import unseen messages into boards with matching fidonet_area

This is quite slow, but I'll work on speeding it up
jcs made amendment 323 7 months ago

Amendments on November 11, 2022

board: constify fields

jcs made amendment 275 10 months ago

Amendments on September 16, 2022

board: Store each user's 'via' in each post

I saw this on another BBS and thought it was kind of neat to see
how each person connected when they made a post.
jcs made amendment 253 about 1 year ago

Amendments on June 30, 2022

*: Hook up folders

jcs made amendment 179 about 1 year ago

Amendments on June 3, 2022

board: Add message boards!

jcs made amendment 116 about 1 year ago