Amendments on January 24, 2024

Amendments on November 16, 2023

binkp: Remember when we failed connecting and delay next poll

If we had messages in the outbox and triggered a connection which
then failed, the main periodic loop will just pick up those outbox
packets right away and try reconnecting. In that case, don't look
for outbox packets and just use the next poll time.
jcs made amendment 546 5 months ago

Amendments on November 14, 2023

binkp: Abort idle connections, respect binkp_delete_done for sending

Keep track of the time we last received a frame from the server and
if nothing happens in a while, kill the connection.
Use the binkp_delete_done setting to move processed outbound packets
into the processed folder for debugging.
Also send the actual mtime of the packet we're sending instead of
1, since it can be helpful for the binkp server operator.
jcs made amendment 541 5 months ago

Amendments on November 11, 2023

binkp: Check for a dead TCP connection in many places

Previously if the connection dropped in the middle of fetching, we
may have been sitting in a loop forever (though still yielding, so
it was just killing the binkp/task thread).
jcs made amendment 534 5 months ago

Amendments on November 9, 2023

*: Do config changes on the fly, restarting modules as needed

Annotate each config option with which component it needs restarted
when it changes and do those after saving from the sysop menu. This
also provides the ability to log each changed config option with its
old and new values.
jcs made amendment 531 5 months ago

Amendments on March 15, 2023

binkp: Move polling out of here, tweak some log messages

jcs made amendment 417 about 1 year ago

Amendments on March 14, 2023

binkp: Use FTN terminology

jcs made amendment 407 about 1 year ago

Amendments on March 13, 2023

binkp: Adapt to fidopkt parsing multiple messages per packet

jcs made amendment 405 about 1 year ago

Amendments on March 9, 2023

binkp: Rearrange the deck chairs again, use outbound folder

Instead of asking mail for pending deliveries, mail will just make
a fidopkt and hand it to binkp, which will then encode it and write
it to its outbox folder. At the next connection, scan the outbox
and send any files in it.
Also switch to a single binkp_connection instead of passing one
around. We're only going to do one connection at a time anyway.
jcs made amendment 383 about 1 year ago

Amendments on March 7, 2023

binkp+mail: Add support for sending FidoNet packets

When mail is addressed to something with @ and a parseable FidoNet
node, save it and mark it for pending dispatch. When binkp runs,
scan all mail and find messages for dispatch and send them out.
jcs made amendment 364 about 1 year ago

Amendments on March 1, 2023

binkp+board: On second thought, store FidoNet messages differently

These are different enough from our own posts/threads that it makes
more sense to store them in separate formats and just adapt board
viewer to show both.
Add a config setting to set whether binkp will delete files after
processing or move them to a binkp-processed directory. This allows
keeping files for re-importing later, but then being able to turn
the setting on to delete files after processing to avoid filling up
the disk.
Also use non-fatal malloc/calloc in binkp processor since it's not
critical and can just retry later when we have memory.
jcs made amendment 330 about 1 year ago

Amendments on February 23, 2023

binkp: Add FidoNet binkp fetcher/parser

This connects to a binkp server, logs in, fetches outstanding files
and caches them to a "binkp" subdirectory, marks them "got", and then
scans each cached file to find ZIP files containing ".pkt" files,
which are then passed to fidopkt.
Next up will be to actually import those parsed packets into a bile
database for viewing like boards.
jcs made amendment 315 about 1 year ago