Amendments on August 16, 2022

*: Use new focusable API

jcs made amendment 83 7 months ago

committer: Update file metadata on commit even if no text changes

When diffing each file, if there is no text change but a
size/mtime/ctime change that caused us to examine the file to begin
with, we should save that new data on commit so we don't have to
examine it again on the next commit.
jcs made amendment 64 11 months ago

Amendments on November 11, 2021

main+committer: Respond to MultiFinder suspend/resume events

jcs made amendment 27 about 1 year ago

Amendments on October 29, 2021

browser+committer: Improve Edit menu ops, add Cut+Paste in committer

Keep track of which TextEdit control was last clicked in committer and
make Edit menu operations affect that one.
jcs made amendment 24 about 1 year ago

Amendments on October 19, 2021

committer: Only commit files that differed

Otherwise we're including all selected files in every commit which makes the commit filtering not work well.
jcs made amendment 3 about 1 year ago

Initial import of Amend through Amend!

jcs made amendment 1 about 1 year ago