Amendments on September 28, 2022

browser: Only xfree links if there are any

jcs made amendment 37 8 months ago

wikipedia: Remove debugging code

jcs made amendment 36 8 months ago

Amendments on September 7, 2022

rez: Add icon

jcs made amendment 35 8 months ago

pdjson: Remove, no longer needed

jcs made amendment 34 8 months ago

utf8: Add UTF8-to-MacRoman conversion utilities

jcs made amendment 31 8 months ago

Amendments on September 6, 2022

util: Move about-box code into an about() function

jcs made amendment 30 8 months ago

util: Sync upstream, add appicon_note()

This is note() but shows the app's main icon (ICN# 128) instead of a
default icon. This makes it useful for an about box.
jcs made amendment 29 8 months ago

util: Add strsep from OpenBSD

jcs made amendment 28 8 months ago

browser: Store link destinations, add clickable links

Print newlines under H3-H5 since we strip whitespace after them.
jcs made amendment 27 8 months ago

util: Add xstrndup

jcs made amendment 26 8 months ago

Amendments on September 5, 2022

wikipedia: Basic support for {{convert}}

There are hundreds of possible conversions, so just print the
value and unit and hope it makes sense. For things like "9|in"
we print "9 in", but there are a lot of possible conversions that
won't print nicely. Oh well.
Also recognize {| and |} for tables, treated like {{ and }}.
jcs made amendment 25 8 months ago

wikipedia: Rewrite Wikitext parser again

jcs made amendment 24 8 months ago

wikipedia: Restructure to handle styles touching each other

''[[...]]'' was not getting parsed properly moving directly from
the 2 apostrophes (italics) to a link.
jcs made amendment 23 9 months ago

Amendments on September 4, 2022

wikipedia: Add UTF-8 support, convert some to Mac OS Roman

This will take some trial-and-error to load articles with characters
we don't understand and then write Roman equivalents for them.
jcs made amendment 22 9 months ago

browser: Draw lines under H1/H2 with em-dashes

Also calculate how wide the TE is so we can write the proper number
of dashes rather than guessing.
jcs made amendment 21 9 months ago

wikipedia: Reset style counters when leaving <ref>

jcs made amendment 20 9 months ago

Amendments on September 3, 2022

http: Do MacTCP init at program start

jcs made amendment 18 9 months ago