Amendments on October 25, 2023

LICENSE: Mention trademark

jcs made amendment 23 about 1 month ago

*: Make some warnings less warny

Users can't do anything about these, there's no point in bothering
jcs made amendment 22 about 1 month ago

Amendments on October 24, 2023

*: Release 1.0 final

jcs made amendment 21 about 1 month ago

window: Do updates on an off-screen bitmap to avoid flashing

jcs made amendment 20 about 1 month ago

main: Do a periodic scan every 30 seconds to update SSID list

Also some logger tweaks
jcs made amendment 19 about 1 month ago


jcs made amendment 18 about 1 month ago

*: Don't add our own about menu on System 7+, simplify dialog

The DA Handler on System 7+ creates its own "About (DA name)" menu
which draws its own dialog and the only customization we get is to
define a "dast" string which it will draw in the dialog. To avoid
confusion having two about screens, on System 7+ just defer to this
On System 6, continue adding our own "Wi-Fi" menu as expected from a
DA, and then draw our custom about dialog.
Technically there is a way to do this on System 7 by clearing the
menu bar and adding our own Apple/File/Edit menus, but then there's
another problem of a DA can only get events from one menu. To work
around /that/, one must diddle the "MBarEnable" global and then reset
it each time the DA's window becomes deactivated. This becomes kind
of brittle, so don't bother with all of it just for a custom about
screen. MacTech 07.07 explains how to do this.
So for now, only cool System 6 users get to see Carl's sweet face.
jcs made amendment 17 about 1 month ago

window: We don't need a stored menu resource for a blank menu

jcs made amendment 16 about 1 month ago

main: Use vsnprintf now that we have util

jcs made amendment 15 about 1 month ago

rez: Fix icon mask

jcs made amendment 14 about 1 month ago

Amendments on October 23, 2023

wi-fi.h: Define auth flag

jcs made amendment 12 about 1 month ago

Amendments on October 20, 2023

*: Bugfixes, mask password entry, add debug logger

Properly handle unassociated state switching to associated.
Maintain a separate list of menu networks to be able to redraw the
menu at any time.
jcs made amendment 10 about 1 month ago

scsi: Check for BlueSCSI by doing a wifi info request

The firmware no longer has its product include "/Blue".
jcs made amendment 9 about 1 month ago

about: Show picture

jcs made amendment 8 about 1 month ago

util: Add some DA-specific tweaks

jcs made amendment 7 about 1 month ago

util: Import from upstream

I'm copying more and more from this, so just take it wholesale
jcs made amendment 6 about 1 month ago

Amendments on September 22, 2023

scsi: Put sub-command in cdb[1]

jcs made amendment 5 2 months ago

Amendments on September 21, 2023