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jcs   GUIDE+README: Final 4.0 changes Latest amendment: 594 on 2024-02-19

1 Subtext: a multi-user BBS server for Macintosh
2 Written by joshua stein <> -
4 Subtext is free software; see the LICENSE file for copyright/licensing.
6 Introduction
7 ==================================================================
8 Subtext is a multi-user BBS server that is developed and runs on Macintosh
9 System 6 and above. It supports dialin access through a serial modem and
10 Telnet access through MacTCP. For full documentation, see the GUIDE file.
12 Support
13 ==================================================================
14 Updates to Subtext are published on the Kludge BBS and can be downloaded
15 on the World Wide Web at
17 For questions and support running a Subtext BBS, connect to the
18 Kludge BBS by Telnet/Web at, or modem at +1-312-654-0090.
20 The source code for Subtext can also be found on AmendHub at
23 Release History
24 ==================================================================
25 4.0 - 2024-02-19
26 - Move views out of database to flat files in a "views" directory, allowing
27 them to be edited by other text editors and backed up; views are cached
28 at startup and can be reloaded through the sysop menu
29 - Speed up telnet IAC negotiation to avoid delay after connect, avoid doing
30 NEWENV unless talking to the trusted proxy
31 - Add BSD Syslog (RFC3164) support, sending all logged events to a
32 configured syslog server
33 - When opening the last-opened database at startup, if the Command key
34 is held down, do not open it and prompt for a different one
35 - Add support for {{center_XX}} template variable
36 - Remove ATQ0 from default modem init string to be able to handle when
37 the modem responds to init with an error
38 - When tossing FTN packets, log failures and move files to the "bad"
39 directory, then send local mail to sysop
40 - Add page number to prompt in boards menus
41 - Prevent running daily pruning jobs if system clock year is less than 2024,
42 to avoid pruning all mail and sessions if the clock gets reset
43 - Fix 'new'/'signup' logins not going directly to the signup menu
44 - Fix bug in modem handling where a session wasn't properly disassociated
45 when the session was forcefully closed
46 - Fix location lookup when connecting through the trusted proxy
48 3.1 - 2023-11-21
49 - In "who" command, show which area of the BBS each user is currently in
50 - Add a "logged_in_time" template variable, helpful for signoff template
51 showing how long the user was logged in for
52 - Find proper per-message originating and destination net/zone numbers
53 from FTN messages when different than FTN packet header
54 - Properly handle skip commands received from binkp servers to end the
55 session and retry later
56 - Abort idle binkp connections in case of server issues
57 - Set the software major version in outgoing FTN packets and use the
58 proper code for software that has not been assigned an id such as Subtext
59 - Include the actual timestamp of FTN packet files when sending through
60 binkp
61 - Fix a bug encoding FTN packets with the wrong termination
62 - Fix a bug where tossing FTN packets was adding messages for areas
63 not subscribed to into the previously used board
64 - Fix a bug in the console where an assertion was erroneously triggered
65 when the cursor was at the far corner but in bounds
67 3.0 - 2023-11-11
68 - Add support for using an IP geolocation database to lookup connecting
69 telnet IP addresses and log their location, storing it in the session
70 log and making it available in 'who' and 'last' menus
71 - Dynamically apply config changes made from the sysop menu without
72 requiring a restart
73 - Add a config setting to change the number of rings to wait before
74 answering the modem, possibly to allow for caller ID information to
75 come through after the first ring which will get logged
76 - Add '&D2' (hangup on DTR flash) to default modem initialization string
77 to make it clear we need it for proper hangup
78 - Do faster sorting in many places
79 - Allow "guest", "new", and "signup" logins to be made in mixed-case
80 - Add 'l' key in post view in boards to list posts, and 's' to show the post
81 again
82 - In sysop settings menu, make 'q' stop pagination at the 'more' prompt
83 - Fix a bug in sysop settings editor that could have caused config
84 corruption if the sesion was disconnected before exiting/saving the
85 editor
86 - Do more TCP connection status checks during binkp connections to detect
87 dropped connections
88 - Fix a bug in pagination that caused extra newlines to be shown in certain
89 terminals, and a bug that caused incorrect wrapping when the first
90 character of a post was a newline
91 - Fix a bug in boards that was causing '>' not to work in some cases
92 - Fix text selection and copying in the logger window
94 2.0.1 - 2023-05-02
95 - Fix corrupted default menu options that prevented first launch
96 - Minor telnet and ZMODEM compatibility fixes
98 2.0 - 2023-05-01
99 - Add support for FTN (FidoNet) EchoMail and NetMail, with support for
100 fetching from and sending to a Binkp hub, including PKZIP archives
101 of packets
102 - Move mail to a separate database file for easier backup and less
103 chance of corrupting the user database
104 - Implement sysop paging/answering, which displays the user's message
105 on the screen with a beep
106 - Implement custom "NoModem" protocol for file transfers, used when a
107 host is connecting through the trusted host assuming this is a web
108 gateway
109 - List more items per screen in boards, files, and sysop, and change
110 input handler to collect multiple digits
111 - List newest mail first and a global setting to automatically prune
112 mail after a configurable amount of days
113 - Add option to sysop menu to forcefully hangup/reset the modem, and
114 an option to reboot the system
115 - Add timezone UTC offset setting, use to convert timestamps in FTN
116 messages to local timezone, and add a "timezone" template variable
117 - Add setting for separate maximum idle time for sysops (which can be
118 set to 0 to disable idling out sysop sessions)
119 - Mask password fields in sysop settings menu
120 - Add BOARD_LIST_BOARDS command for main menu, which lists all local
121 boards
122 - Faster session log pruning, and fix a bug where failed logins were
123 still being written to the session log
124 - Fix SHA1 checksum calculation for uploaded files and show occasional
125 progress during calculation
126 - Implement folder file description/notes editing and add an option for
127 sysop to recalculate SHA1 checksum before saving
128 - Try to handle malloc failures gracefully everywhere rather than exiting
130 1.1 - 2022-12-01
131 - Fix crash that could occur when more than one user is in chat, one user
132 quits chat, and then remaining users continue to chat
133 - Fix problem when running under non-MultiFinder where subsequent
134 runs would fail with errors opening board and folder databases because
135 they were not properly closed on the first run
137 1.0 - 2022-11-22
138 - Initial release!